Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing Bitcoin

At xCoins, any user can sign up as a buyer and/or seller. When a user requests to buy bitcoin, the platform will match the buyer with a seller. The process is automatic and seamless. Communication between the buyer and seller is not required or necessary. The buyer makes a payment directly to the seller on the seller’s PayPal payment page. After payment is complete, bitcoin is automatically transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Our sellers compete with each other to offer the lowest rates to you. This “seller fee” is paid as a one-time payment along with the loan origination fee, payment processing fee, bitcoin purchase amount, and/or bank transfer fee if applicable.

It is up to the sellers to decide their rates. When you are ready to place a purchase order and you enter the amount of bitcoin you would like to buy, xCoins matches you with the lowest-priced offer. Because only the best offer is displayed for every match, sellers often become highly competitive with their rates.

The purchase transaction is instant if you are a repeat customer, or if you have a verified xCoins account. You will receive your bitcoin in your xCoins wallet as soon as your make payment.

If you are a new user, please allow additional time for account and transaction approval. Our verification team usually reviews and approves new accounts within an hour, but it can take up to a couple hours depending on traffic. Once your account and initial transaction has been verified, all subsequent transactions are instant.

We accept all payment methods currently accepted by PayPal:
Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
Debit cards
Bank account (ACH)
PayPal Credit
PayPal Balance

If you are only interested in buying bitcoin, you do not need to have a Paypal account. You can make payments without owning a Paypal account. However, users interested in selling bitcoin will need a verified Paypal account.

To pay without a PayPal account, select Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit on the PayPal payment page. It is the second payment option on the screen.

Your xCoins wallet is a full-featured bitcoin wallet, so you can keep your bitcoin in the wallet or simply withdraw it. To withdraw your bitcoin, select “My Wallet” and “Withdraw Bitcoin” on the main menu of your profile

You are making the payment directly to the seller. When purchasing bitcoin, you will be redirected to the seller’s Paypal page at the end of the checkout process where you will be prompted to complete payment.

Click on the transaction status icon in your “Activity” screen to view transaction details. The “Blockchain Data” section contains the blockchain transaction data. If the “Confirmations” number is 1 or greater, that means that at least one other bitcoin node confirmed your transaction.

You may also click on the transaction “Tx code” to view the detailed confirmation information from a third party source. The confirmation page is proof of payment for the intended recipient.

Please note that depending on the blockchain performance, bitcoin transfers can take 10 – 40 minutes.

Payments for exchanges made on are non-refundable, irrevocable and cannot be changed after the transaction is completed and bitcoin is sent to a wallet specified by the user.

Every once in a while, there may be no sellers available to lend a certain amount of bitcoin. Instead of being redirected to the payment page, you will receive this message. In this case, you can try again later. Simply click on your transaction on your “Activity” screen. The program will attempt to find a new seller for you.

You can also try lowering your transaction amount. Consider getting two purchases of $50 each instead of one for $100. The lower your purchase amount, the more lenders are available to fund it.