Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

In May of 2018, the total value of bitcoins in existence exceeded 100 billion dollars. There are millions of dollars of bitcoin exchanged on a daily basis. Since 2009 when the first bitcoin specification and proof of concept was created, the cryptocurrency and its uses have expanded exponentially. There are more and more businesses accepting bitcoin for transactions, and there are more people taking an interest in acquiring this currency. To date, the most common methods of getting Bitcoin are to purchase it through a cryptocurrency exchange, exchange bitcoins with a person in the same approximate area, or earn bitcoins through competitive mining. Peer to peer bitcoin sites have become more popular because these sites allow people to access bitcoins much quicker than if they had to wait for a bank transfer. xCoins has set out to provide a very unique platform for people to receive bitcoin, and do so in a very fast and efficient manner.

At xCoins, users can obtain up to $2,000 of bitcoin in a single transaction. This is quite a bit higher than what is allowed in most areas where bitcoin is available. In addition to the large daily limit, there aren’t restrictions on how to buy bitcoin with credit card because credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. The process to receive bitcoin is fully automated at xCoins and this makes the process much faster and more efficient when compared to other places where bitcoin is available.

How Does the Process Work?

People often wonder, “Am I able to buy bitcoin with credit card?” xCoins has created an automated system that allows users to receive bitcoins in an almost instant manner. Users are promised that bitcoins will be transferred within minutes of an approved payment being made. This feature gives xCoins a leg up on other sites, because of the instantaneous nature of how things work.

Once a user makes their way to the site, they need to provide a photo ID for approval. This verification of ID only happens once for users at the site, rather than requiring it for every transaction. xCoins also has a goal of this one time new user approval process taking about a half hour, although it can take longer when traffic to the site is higher. Users then simply need to enter the amount of bitcoin they are seeking and begin a search. The system will quickly search for the best offer available for the amount of currency that has been requested. If the offer is acceptable to the user, they then make a payment directly to the person that has offered up the bitcoin. It is at this point in the process that xCoins sets themselves apart from other bitcoin sites. The system tracks the payment from the user and releases the bitcoins to them in an automated fashion. There is nothing else involved in the transaction which makes it very quick and efficient. When users come back for more transactions, the process will happen in a matter of minutes.

Why is xCoins Better than Other Platforms?

One downfall of many other peer to peer bitcoin systems is the issue of payment disputes. On other sites there is a manual and user generated aspect to each transaction. xCoins has automated the process so there really is never a situation where a payment dispute would arise. Another very unique feature to using xCoins is the variety of payment methods that are accepted compared to other sites. Users can pay for bitcoins with PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, ACH transactions and eChecks.

xCoins operates twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days per year, and it is one of the few platforms where the option to get bitcoin with credit card is available. There are often questions that come up for users when they are making bitcoin transactions, so support is a key factor in having a positive experience. The xCoins team also offers twenty four hour round the clock live support to answer any questions that users have. This is another aspect of the site that makes it so efficient.

Before xCoins existed, the typical way to obtain bitcoin was a bit more complicated and not user friendly at all. A transaction via bank transfer was the most widely method, and still is used quite often. Bank transfers often take a week or longer to complete. Part of long process involves submitting several forms of identification, and several other forms that are intended to verify the residence of the user. Funding this type of transaction also takes a great deal more effort, and will actually cost the user much more in fees. The most widely accepted way of funding this type of transaction is a wire transfer. Fees for wire transfers often run north of $50 and can take an additional three to five days to process. The process xCoins has created gives users much faster access to bitcoin, and eliminates the hassle and headaches. The ability to buy bitcoin with credit card helps to speed the process up.

xCoins is a peer to peer platform in which users work together to find an amount of bitcoin and a price that works for both parties. The system is fully automated so the process operates very smoothly for all parties involved.

Closing Thoughts

xCoins has created a platform that gives users greater access to transactions involving bitcoins. The process is much quicker when compared to similar sites, and users are able to obtain up to $2,000 worth of bitcoin in one transaction. The process is also more accessible because of the wide variety of payment methods that are accepted. The instantaneous nature of the transactions is yet another aspect that sets this site apart from others. The popularity of bitcoin continues to rise, and the number of businesses accepting it as a form of payment is following the same trend. Platforms like xCoins are helping users grab a piece of this trending currency.