Practical Ways to Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a secure, encrypted digital currency that can be used anywhere in the world. It’s not regulated by the Federal Reserve, any bank, or any government, and the open nature of Bitcoin makes it very popular among those who want to make anonymous purchases. Despite widely held beliefs, it’s easy to obtain. However, turning a profit can be a bit more challenging. In this guide, you’ll learn a few ways to earn money with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining

No, you won’t have to dig a hole in the backyard to find Bitcoin, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s referred to as mining because the coins still must be brought to the surface. While paper currency is printed and distributed by central government entities, Bitcoin is extracted by miners who use specialized software to solve equations and receive the digital currency in return.

Bitcoin mining used to be much simpler, and the first miners could find thousands of coins using home PCs. However, in today’s volatile and competitive market, miners must invest in expensive components that most people can’t access.

These pricey parts offer the processing power needed to mine ever more challenging algorithms. Because the blocks are solved faster, miners typically join pools where those powers are combined. Rewards come from miners’ fees and are then divided by pool members.

Bitcoin mining isn’t as profitable as it once was, and many experts believe its usefulness is nearing an end. However, new miners get a unique opportunity to get into the market as others are leaving. The success of a mining effort depends on the miner’s ability to analyze the cryptocurrency market and predict changes.

Opening a Bitcoin Faucet

For those who don’t mind answering surveys and viewing ads, bitcoin faucet websites are a viable alternative. Most of these sites generate revenue from home page ads, and site visitors are paid when they answer questions and solve CAPTCHAs. There’s little risk involved, but returns are minimal.

PTC or Pay-to-Click Websites

There are a few websites that offer Bitcoin in return for ad views and click-throughs. If you’re open to being bombarded with ads and want to make some easy and risk-free crypto, PTC sites are a great idea. However, it’s important to keep in mind that earning money will take time and effort.

Becoming a Micro-Worker

Similar to micro-task sites like Cloudfactory and Microworkers, which pay a small fee for the completion of simple tasks like watching videos and answering surveys, there are a few sites that pay in Bitcoin. While some pay thousands of satoshis per task, others pay much less.

Bitcoin Blogging

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new niche and few writers can claim to be experts on the topic. The market is full of inexperienced copywriters who simply rehash existing content, contributing to a decline in quality.

Several sites, including Blockchain Aliens and CCN, pay writers for their Bitcoin-related articles. It’s also possible to find these jobs on sites like and Upwork. For those who know the niche and possess adequate writing skills, it’s possible to make real money.

Get Tips While Helping Others

Do you want to help others while making money? Sites like bitfortip allow users to capitalize on the popularity of Bitcoin and share their expertise at the same time. With incentives such as this, it’s easy to build positive buzz around the cryptocurrency community.

Be a Bitcoin Gambler

For those who have the knowledge and skill, Bitcoin gambling can provide a great source of income. Though the house almost always wins, just as in other forms of gambling, it’s possible to get huge bonuses for buying in. Websites such as mbit and Bitstarz are some of the crypto gambling industry’s biggest players.

Buy and Hold

To trade Bitcoin, you’ll need a secure wallet. New users have quite a few options. For instance, Paxful offers a free wallet to those signing up for an account. When buying and holding Bitcoin, be sure the site you’re using is secure and safe.

As in other markets, Bitcoin investing is all about waiting for values to rise and knowing when to sell or buy. Several factors determine the cryptocurrency’s value, and it’s impossible to predict when the market will turn bearish.

Running Signature Campaigns on Bitcoin Forums

Established by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcointalk is one of the Internet’s oldest and most popular Bitcoin forums. If you’re a follower who’s gained a reputation on the site, your posts will have a sponsor’s signature and you’ll make a bit of money on each comment.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin trading has the potential for big profits. Unlike the buy and hold strategy mentioned above, trading means buying coins at a lower price and selling them back when values rise. This requires market knowledge, plenty of practice, and a bit of prognostication. Given the market’s volatility, Bitcoin trading is one of the riskiest ways to turn a profit.

That volatility, however, has given rise to arbitrage opportunities. Arbitrage is the simultaneous selling and buying of currency and securities in varying forms and on different markets to capitalize on price variations of the same asset. If you know the market and can track several exchanges at once, it’s possible to make significant profits.

Taking Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is, at its core, a form of currency that can be used to pay for services and products. Accepting Bitcoin payments gives vendors the ability to sell almost anything without the need to go through a financial institution or regulatory body. Many businesses accept Bitcoin payments, and the numbers are increasing each day.

Bitcoin Lending

Because Bitcoin is decentralized, it’s simpler to perform transactions without the need for validation. In such cases, it’s possible to loan coins at preferred interest rates. Lending is a viable alternative to buying and holding, as it allows a holder to utilize their wealth and stimulate the economy. Several bitcoin lending platforms, such as Bitbond, BTCpop, and Unchained Capital, allow holders to lend coins at interest rates approaching 15%.

It’s important to remember, though, that the market is still new, and opportunists are everywhere. Always choose a reliable platform and a reputable borrower when making this type of investment.

Binary Trading

It’s been part of the financial world for years, and it didn’t take long to cross over into cryptocurrency. Binary trading can go one of two ways after a trader buys an option: it can be in or out of the money at the expiration time. It’s a bit like gambling in that it’s almost impossible to predict the outcome.

To participate, simply invest in an option. For instance, the price of Bitcoin could be above or below a certain amount by the end of the day. If your prediction is correct, you’ll get a portion of your investment back; if it’s not, you lose everything. Another option is to ‘put’ if you believe the price will drop. If the coin’s price does go down, you earn the entire option payout.

Become a Bitcoin Affiliate

In affiliate marketing, workers generate sales leads for services and products while the parent organization pays them a commission.

When a person becomes an affiliate marketer, they receive a special URL that links to the service or product and has an identifier that tracks sales. They then share the link online, and they get a percentage of sales made through that link.

Serving as a Master Node

Bitcoin is sometimes used as an all-encompassing term for cryptocurrencies. Though many experts believe that it’s not very profitable, you can still be a master node for other cryptos and get paid for the help you’ve given the blockchain.

A master node monitors and tracks the blockchain in real time. Like full nodes, they’re always at work. Along with announcing, saving, and validating transactions, master nodes also ensure smooth operations and govern voting events. They’re well rewarded for their work, depending on the type of cryptocurrency involved.

Tips for Increased Bitcoin Profitability

There are a few things to consider before turning a profit with bitcoin. Scams abound, and it’s important to be aware of and avoid them. Treat Bitcoin like cash; keep it and your wallet safe. Consider enabling two-factor authentication, performing regular device backups, and keeping antivirus protection updated. These steps are simple, but they can help you protect your digital wealth. The cryptocurrency industry tends to fluctuate, which can be a good thing for those who stay on top of it and know the risks.

Closing Thoughts

Though Bitcoin is a digital, intangible currency, it’s important to remember that it’s not free. However, there are a few ways to profit from it. The market is always growing and evolving, and there’s sure to be a constant demand for new products and skills.

The suggestions in this guide are just a few ways to earn with Bitcoin. Some are riskier than others are, and if you choose to invest in or mine the cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to do some preliminary research and prepare for every potential outcome.