5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Instantly with a Credit Card

There was once a time when buying bitcoin seemed like a task reserved for the most tech-savvy individuals around, but that is not the case anymore. The cryptocurrency market has exploded with new coins. There has also been an equally large increase in cryptocurrency exchanges for people to trade their currencies. Many of these exchanges make it their priority to make trading bitcoin as easy and instantaneous as possible, so even the most inexperienced individual can buy some.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Before breaking out a credit card, those interested in buying bitcoin should have some background knowledge of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is complicated, but it is essentially a form of digital currency that uses cryptography to ensure each transaction's security. Cryptography is a complicated mathematical algorithm used in computer science that is meant to code messages so that they are nearly impossible to decipher.

The Blockchain Explained

At the heart of cryptocurrency is a new technological development called the blockchain. It is a digital ledger system that consists of a series of time-stamped records that are both permanent and unchangeable. Several separate computers manage the ledger system, and no one computer or person is more valuable than the next, making it a decentralized ledger.

Each transaction in the ledger is a new "block" of data in the chain of operations. Each computer has to verify that all of the transaction information is true and accurate, and once a consensus is reached, it is permanently added to the ledger. The most famous and the first of all the cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology is Bitcoin.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin's primary function is to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without the use of a centralized banking system. Its decentralization and permanent ledger system make it nearly impossible for security breaches, scams, or fraud. While bitcoin transactions are public, the information contained in them is encrypted and not accessible without using a public and private key.

Private and Public Keys

Private keys are a system of alphanumeric characters used to identify a person buying or selling bitcoin, authenticate transactions, and encrypt transaction information. Public keys are also a system of alphanumeric characters, but these are used to provide a location where a person can send them bitcoin. If an unauthorized individual gets a hold of these keys, they can easily use them to send and receive bitcoin fraudulently. Because of the permanent nature of these transactions, these unauthorized trades cannot be undone.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets are places where a person can store their bitcoin securely. This can be a physical device, which is much less likely to be stolen, or a digital location that holds a person's private key. While digitally storing a private key is more convenient, it is more vulnerable to hacking because of its digital nature.

How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly with a Credit Card

Now that bitcoin has been briefly explained, it is time to talk about how a person can buy it instantly with their credit card. Bitcoin transactions are known for taking a long time, during which the price can fluctuate significantly. Buyers can now avoid these long wait times and price fluctuations, even when purchasing bitcoin with their credit card, by using the methods provided by the exchanges listed below.


Coinbase is one of the top exchanges out there and has held the title of the largest bitcoin broker for quite a while. Coinbase accepts many forms of payment, but they no longer accept credit cards directly. However, because they allow users to purchase bitcoin with their PayPal accounts, all one has to do to use their credit card is to link it to their PayPal account before buying bitcoin.

Pros and Cons

A downside to purchasing bitcoin is the fees that can be associated with it. Coinbase charges fees for using debit cards and for removing coins from their exchange. So if a person wants to cash out their coins for fiat currency, it is likely going to cost them a bit of money to do it.

Coinbase's claims to fame are its wide variety of cryptocurrencies available for purchase and that it allows users to move a significant volume of coins at once. It is a user-friendly platform with excellent customer service.

One of the most significant drawbacks to Coinbase is that they track where their users spend coins. Since one of the biggest reasons people use a digital currency like bitcoin is privacy, giving some of it up on Coinbase is not ideal.


xCoins.io takes an interesting approach to buying bitcoin instantly with a credit card. This exchange uses an innovative automated system that allows users to purchase bitcoin with their credit card while avoiding the often excessive wait times experienced on other exchanges. Once the payment is complete, users have immediate access to their bitcoins. Users can get bitcoin using their PayPal account.

A unique feature of xCoins.io is the platform offers the option to borrow and lend bitcoin to other users. Bitcoin owners can put up how much they'd like to lend, borrowers can search for the amount they'd like, and the system will match them. If the borrower decides they no longer want or need the bitcoin, they can easily return the equivalent dollar amount of what they borrowed.

Pros and Cons

There are quite a few positive things about using xCoins.io to buy bitcoin instantly. This platform works to keep fees as low as possible and charges a one-time interest fee on loans rather than letting it build over time like it would with a fiat currency loan. Users can also get up to $1,000 of bitcoin per transaction, which is significantly higher than many other exchanges.

On xCoins.io, users stand to make a significant profit, as well. Because borrowers only need to return the dollar amount of the bitcoin they bought, returning it when the price of Bitcoin is much higher than when they purchased it allows them to keep the excess for themselves. Unfortunately, this could also work against the buyer if bitcoin's price is low when they return it.


Bitpanda is one of the highest-rated and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. Its platform is completely automated, so users can access their bitcoin as soon as the transaction is finished. This exchange also allows users to make purchases with their credit cards, making it an excellent way to get bitcoin quickly.

Bitpanda has a somewhat lengthy verification process, but that helps keep the exchange secure. Users are required to complete a video verification and provide a government-issued photo ID before they can use the exchange. Once the verification is complete, and they start a transaction, it must be completed within ten minutes to retain their locked-in exchange rate.

Pros and Cons

Bitpanda prides itself on simplifying fees for its users, which is one of the better benefits of this exchange. They charge flat fees for the purchase and sale of bitcoins. They may also charge transaction fees depending on the cryptocurrency purchased.

Another important benefit of this exchange is its security. Its elaborate verification process does a lot to keep users safe from thieves and hackers. Unfortunately, this lengthy verification process also makes it hard to get bitcoin quickly, as users must complete it before they can use the exchange. Anyone looking to get into purchasing bitcoin fast might do better on another exchange.


Coinmama is an interesting platform that does not actually allow users to buy or sell bitcoin or any other digital currency. Users on this platform receive their bitcoin instantly as a direct transfer from the Coinmama's own holdings. Coinmama allows users to make payments using a credit card. To obtain the bitcoin, users need only provide a wallet address for Coinmama to send it.

Pros and Cons

Coinmama transactions are incredibly secure, much more so than traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. It is an excellent platform for beginners and is available nearly everywhere around the world.

Unfortunately, the downside to Coinmama is how expensive it is. They charge a staggering 5.5% fee for every transaction, much higher than the fees on other exchanges. In addition to this fee, those using a credit or debit card are subject to another 5% fee. While users may be able to get bitcoin quickly and without a lot of fuss, they will undoubtedly pay for the service.


Cex.io is another excellent exchange for movie bitcoin buyers. It has a built-in wallet, making the process of finding and using a digital wallet much easier for those new to the scene. Cex.io allows users to make purchases with a credit card once they have set up an account and completed the verification process.

Pros and Cons

While Cex.io is an excellent platform for beginners, it also has advanced trading tools for more experienced bitcoin traders. Additionally, the fees for buying bitcoin with a credit card are significantly lower than most other exchanges.

Though they have lower fees than other exchanges, the fee structure is much more complicated than most. They charge small fees for each transaction, which adds up quickly if users are not careful.

The Bottom Line

If there is one we know for sure, buying bitcoin is not just a hobby reserved for tech gurus anymore. Getting into bitcoin now is a matter of good timing. By using these exchanges, buyers are sure to have their hands on some bitcoin before the next big jump in value.

author Sam Wilson Staff writer, crypto-evangelist