Bitcoin Affiliate program

High Payouts

We pay up to 50% of our transaction fees to our affiliates. Not only is the affiliate commission percentage high, but also our transaction fees are the highest among all peer-to-peer bitcoin sites. Compare 5% or higher per transaction at xCoins with only 1% at other sites!

High Volume Bitcoin Affiliate program

High Volume

Most of our customers are repeat customers. Our users love the speed and convenience of xCoins. 70% of our first-time users come back the very next day. When you refer a new user, you can expect a steady stream of income from them for a year.

Lifetime affiliate commissions

Payments for 1 Year

Earn for longer from each referral. Our competitors either offer a one-time credit per referral or offer commissions for only up to 3 months. When you refer a new customer to xCoins, you’ll earn commissions from their transactions for an entire year!


xCoins affiliates can earn money in three different ways. They can refer users, vendors, or other affiliates (also called sub-affiliates) to the site. The commission is calculated as a percentage of the xCoins loan origination fee, which can be 5% or higher of the transaction amount. Commissions are paid out on the 1st and the 15th of every month for the previous month. Affiliate commissions are paid for one year starting from the referree’s’ date of account creation.

User Referrals
Tier 1 15%
Tier 2 3%
Vendor Referrals
Tier 1 15%
Tier 2 3%
Tier 1 - commission that you receive for users referred to the site by you
Tier 2 - commission that you receive for users referred to the site by your sub-affiliates


Sign up to Bitcoin Affiliate program


Sign up for an xCoins account to start referring clients. It only takes a few minutes. No approval needed.

Refer users to Buy Bitcoin


Place your affiliate link on your blog, website, or social media page. You can also refer people offline by giving them your affiliate code.
Receive commission for Bitcoin purchase


Users sign up through your affiliate link or code. Once they place a transaction, you receive commissions for the first 12 months.